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  1. Using Mirrors for Design and Lighting

    People have mirrors throughout their homes, from the front hallway to the bathroom to the vanity in their bedroom. Mirrors are often only thought of as functional items that help a person shave or put on makeup in the morning, but they can be so much more than that. As a decorative item, a mirror can bring artistic flair to a room and help with the ambiance by reflecting and bouncing light. At Ma…Read More

  2. The Right Height For All of Your Light Fixtures

    One question that we often hear in our showrooms is, “How high should I hang this light?” Having your light fixtures at the right height can make a vast difference in the design and ambiance of a certain room or space. If the light is too low, it can create glare when someone looks at it, and too high can mean the lower half of the room doesn’t receive enough light. You’ll also want to co…Read More

  3. Are You an Art Enthusiast?

    If you love viewing and collecting artwork, or you find yourself at the High on a regular basis, then you know how important proper lighting is for paintings, photographs, and sculpture. The piece may stand out on its own, but when placed in the proper light, it can truly shine. If you want the artwork in your home to be lit like the pieces in a gallery, Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswel…Read More

  4. Lighting Your New Master Bedroom

    If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re planning to remodel your master bedroom, it’s important to consider the lighting choices for the space. Perhaps the previous owners only had a few lamps and one overhead light to illuminate the entire room, and you have plans to use the space more than they did. You may want to create a reading nook, a space where you can get ready in the …Read More

  5. Do You Have a Long Hallway to Light?

    If your home or office has a particularly long hallway, finding the right light fixtures can seem like a challenge. It’s important to have enough light throughout the space so that people can navigate it successfully, but it’s also good not too have too much light so the space is too bright. Both scenarios can lead to people hurrying through the space, which means they miss the hallway’s de…Read More

  6. Rethink Your Interior Design in the New Year

    At this time of year, you’re focused on holiday decorations and what you’re going to serve when friends and family come over to celebrate. You may have put some of your normal home decor away and replaced it with holiday-themed items, but once December is over you’ll switch things up again. However, when you’re putting your decor back in its place, you may decide that it will look better …Read More

  7. Layering Your Lighting

    Every room in your home needs light, but there most likely aren’t any rooms that only have a single light fixture in it (except perhaps the laundry or utility room). Layering your light can help make a room feel more complete and more inviting, but finding the right balance can be tricky. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, we can help you find ambient, accent, and task lighting for every room …Read More

  8. Light The Interior and Exterior of Your New Atlanta Home

    If you're nearing the completion of your new home construction project, you're probably thinking about moving and settling into your new residence. However, before you can do that, you have to put the finishing touches on the house. One of the most important finishing touches is the lighting, and Masterpiece has interior and exterior options for any style of home. We know that you want your new ho…Read More

  9. Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

    If you've begun remodeling your bathroom, you want to be sure to take the time to find the perfect faucets and fixtures. You might not be installing them for a month or so, but the fixtures are an integral part of the new design, and getting them right can make the remodel much easier. The impetus for redoing the bathroom may have come from a faucet or sink you saw in a catalog or in a store, and …Read More

  10. Lighting Your Entertainment Space

    If you love watching movies or sports at home, you've done everything you can to make your entertainment space as comfortable as possible. You have your favorite chair or spot on the couch, and you've positioned the screen or TV exactly where it needs to be for optimal viewing, but what about the lighting? Without the proper lighting and controls in your entertainment area, your viewing experienc…Read More

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