Crystal Chandeliers in AtlantaCrystal chandeliers are elegant lighting fixtures that will add beauty and decadence to any space. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we have a great selection of chandelier options, including crystal fixtures that will look amazing in your dining room or foyer. Both homeowners and business owners have found the ideal chandeliers in our showrooms, and we can recommend the best size and style based on your individual needs. We have many styles to choose from, and our lighting experts are always happy to help narrow down your options.

Perfect for Your Business Foyer

If you own or manage a business that has a large foyer or entryway, a crystal chandelier can be the perfect fixture for the space. If the room is open and the ceilings are high, or there is a staircase leading from the foyer to the second floor, your chandelier can provide brilliant light throughout the entire space. Theaters, offices, and many other businesses have been able to find the perfect chandelier in our showroom. We can also help you find a fixture that matches your building’s architecture and design.

Add Elegance to Your Dining Room

If your home has a grand dining room, placing a crystal chandelier can complete the design and create the ideal aesthetic for classic dinner parties and family gatherings. The ceilings in your dining room will most likely not be as high as they are in your entryway, and the room may not be as wide. Because of this, a smaller chandelier will be better, as you don’t want the fixture to overwhelm the space or create too much light. Our crystal chandeliers are perfect for homes, as well as hotel ballrooms and event halls.

When you’re shopping for new chandeliers, make Masterpiece in Atlanta your first choice!