Chandeliers are an elegant way to light any room, and Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell has several options from which to choose. We carry both traditional and modern chandeliers, and you’ll be able to find a fixture that fits your personal style and individual needs. Depending on the room or entryway that you need to light, our experts will help you select the ideal fixture that will hang in your home or office for years to come.

The first thing to consider when looking at chandeliers is the size of the space that needs to be lit. Many chandelier lighting options are used in foyers or entryways, and many of those spaces are tall, narrow areas. You want the light from your chandelier to reach both the top and the bottom of the entryway, so that guests or customers can properly see when they enter your home or business. Large chandeliers are often reserved for hotels and event venues, but we have plenty of reasonable options for houses and smaller office settings. You’ll find both up and down fixtures in our catalog, and we’ll help you decide which one is best for your lighting needs.