It doesn’t matter if it’s in a house or a business, the foyer or entryway is an extremely important space. This area is the first that guests and visitors will see, and it’s essential that the space is adequately lit and provides a glimpse into the aesthetic and theme of the rest of the home or building. For residences, it’s a great way to greet guests, and picking the right lighting can make all the difference in how people view and feel about your home. Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta is more than willing to help you with your foyer or entryway lighting design.

There should be one fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant light, that acts a focal point for the entryway. You want the space to be bright enough so that guests don’t feel like they’re walking into a home that prefers shadows and darkness over light, and also so they’re able to see while they remove their coat or jacket. Chain-hung fixtures such as chandeliers are more appropriate for foyers will tall ceilings or staircases, and entryways with low ceilings can be adequately lit with semi-flush or flush mount fixtures. If your foyer leads directly into a long hallway, wall sconces are a great addition to ensure safe passage to the rest of your home.

A well-lit entryway can make guests feel more at home and that you are glad they are there. If your current lighting design is creating too many shadows, or the fixtures feel outdated or out of place, visit one of our showrooms today. We’re located in Atlanta and Roswell, and are always ready to assist however we can!