If your home or office has a particularly long hallway, finding the right light fixtures can seem like a challenge. It’s important to have enough light throughout the space so that people can navigate it successfully, but it’s also good not too have too much light so the space is too bright. Both scenarios can lead to people hurrying through the space, which means they miss the hallway’s design and decor. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we understand that the hallway can be a challenge to light and design, but our expert staff can help you find the ideal fixtures for the hall, no matter how long it is.


Consider the Ceiling and the Walls

If your hallway is longer than 15 or 20 feet, hopefully the walls are far enough apart so you can hang portraits and other artwork. You don’t want people running into your family pictures, and adding large decor can make the hallway feel even narrower. Spacing out your paintings and photographs will encourage people to look at each one as they maneuver down the hall, and adding track or spot lighting will provide the illumination each piece needs. If the walls are far enough apart, consider adding sconces in the spaces where there isn’t a picture, as this will provide accent lighting throughout the hallway.
It’s also important to consider how high the hallway ceiling is, and what type of fixtures will be best for the top of the space. In a long hallway, it can be beneficial to have multiple lights so there’s adequate lighting throughout the space. Multiple fixtures of the same style can also be good for design purposes, and we can help you choose the ideal options for your home. Hallways with low ceilings will most likely require recessed or flush mount lighting, while those with high ceilings can have small hanging fixtures installed without worry of people hitting them with their heads.


Incorporate All Three Types of Lighting

When lighting a hallway, it can be easy to add three or four ceiling fixtures and call it good. However, as with any room in your home, it’s best to incorporate all three types of lighting – ambient, accent, and task lighting. Layering your lighting is key to creating the right ambience, even in your hallway, and settling for ambient (general) lighting alone can make for a stark, sterile space. By adding track lighting, sconces, and other accent and task lights, you can draw the eye to the artwork, architecture, and other design elements of the hallway. If you have a bench seat under a window in the hallway, a wall lamp can provide excellent reading light after the sun goes down. Speaking of the sun, incorporating natural light is also key to properly illuminating your hallway.

If you have a long hallway that you’re having trouble lighting adequately, come to Masterpiece today. We love helping homeowners discover the perfect lighting fixtures for every room or space in their house!