dreamstime_xxl_10919015-1Every room in your home needs light, but there most likely aren’t any rooms that only have a single light fixture in it (except perhaps the laundry or utility room). Layering your light can help make a room feel more complete and more inviting, but finding the right balance can be tricky. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, we can help you find ambient, accent, and task lighting for every room in your house, making it easy to use each room for multiple functions.

Ambient Lighting

The ambient, or general, fixture in a room provides the main lighting for the space. In the living room, it may be a ceiling fan with a light, and in the bathroom, it may be a semi-flush ceiling fixture. This is the light that turns on when you hit the switch on the wall, and you’re able to see clearly as you navigate your way through the room. However, this fixture shouldn’t be the only one in the room, since it’s light most likely won’t reach every corner. That’s where accent and task lighting is beneficial.

Accent and Task Lighting

It’s important to accent the design and architectural features of a room, no matter how large or small it is. You may have vaulted ceilings in the living room, and recessed lights along the perimeter can eliminate any shadows created by the ambient fixture, and you can have fixtures pointed both up and down to illuminate the height of the ceiling and the texture on the walls. It’s okay to have some shadows, but if there’s a corner with a comfy chair where you like to sit and read, a well-placed floor or table lamp will make your reading nook more inviting.

It can be smart to work from the ceiling down when layering your lighting, but if the room has distinct areas in it (such as a seating area, a reading nook, or a viewing area), you’ll want to be sure the light fixtures can define each space, without overlapping too much so the space becomes too bright. You’ll want to eliminate any glare and minimize any shadows, and our lighting experts can help you find the balance for any room in your home. Adding dimmer switches and sensor controls will help you save on energy costs, since you can turn off the lights in one area of the room while you’re using another.

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