If you have plans to remodel this spring, then hopefully you’ve taken the time to sit down and come up with a comprehensive plan for your home. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we’re here to help you find the perfect fixtures for every area of your home. If you’re renovating your kitchen or adding a new bathroom in the basement, come to one of our showrooms today to find the ideal lighting options!

Taking Down or Putting Up Walls?

One of the major aspects of many home renovations is the removal or construction of walls. You might feel that certain parts of your house are too closed off due to a wall, and so you plan to remove it so that the space can feel more open. The wall might be between the kitchen and the dining room, or the living room and the kitchen, and with it gone, you’ll be able to move more freely through each space.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that once the wall is down, you may not have enough light in each space. While each room has its own light fixture, the new open space may not be illuminated enough, and it is possible that you’ll need a new fixture for the area.

If your plan is to put up a wall in order to create a new room, then you’ll have to find light fixtures for this new space. It may have been part of a larger room, but now it will be its own separate space, and you’ll want it to have adequate light. It may be a new guest bathroom, or perhaps a playroom for the kids, but whatever the case may be, we can help find the perfect options.

New Wiring

One thing that you always need to keep in mind during a remodel is that you may need new wiring for your new lighting. If you’re going to be tearing down drywall and exposing the wood studs in the wall, then this is a great time to run new wires for new outlets and switches. Your light switches may be in the middle of wall currently, but you’ll have the opportunity to move them to the corner of the room, or behind a pillar where they won’t be as noticeable.

If you’re going to be adding new lighting, then be sure to hire an electrician to handle the work for you. They can ensure that everything is installed properly, as well as check that your circuit breaker can handle the new load. The last thing you want when you turn on your new lights is to blow a fuse!

At Masterpiece Lighting, we love meeting with people who are working on home remodeling and renovation projects. You may have just moved into your house, or you may have lived there for decades, but regardless of the situation, we can help you find the modern lighting options that will look great for years to come.

We look forward to meeting you!