You spent a lot of time and energy designing your home, and you put thought into every decision that you made. When you chose your lighting, when you picked out your furniture, and when you painted the walls, you were thinking about how everything would work together to make your house a home. However, when you were painting or arranging, did you think about what each piece said about you? Your lighting design and home decor can say a lot about your personality, and at Masterpiece in Atlanta, we’re here to help you find the perfect options.

A Balance of Light and Shadow

You want your home to have balance, and finding the line between light and shadow can help a room feel complete. The same is true of you – there are days when you want a lot of light, and others when you want to turn the lights down and just sit and relax. When choosing new indoor lighting, it’s important to think about how a room can be used, and what you will use it for on a regular basis. If you want guests to feel that you are welcoming and inviting, then make sure that your lighting says the same thing. If you want a room to feel more private, then think about how you can minimize the lighting while still maintaining a good balance.

Finding The Right Style

You may not know what your “lighting personality” is, but our certified experts will do their best to help you find it. You might have an eclectic sense of taste, and you want your lighting to reflect that. You want to feel at home in your house, and you want others to feel the same, and having your lights express your personality can be a great way to do that. You may decide that each room needs its own personality, such as formal for the dining room and relaxed for the living room, and it’s important to find lights that provide both form and function. You may love the style of a certain light, but if it’s not right for the space, it can be good to pass on it, or set it aside for another part of the house.

Feeling Confident In Your Lighting

Above all, when choosing new lighting, it’s important to be confident in your choices. You know what you like, and when a fixture catches your eye, take the time to examine it and see if it fits your design. If you’re ever unsure, our staff will gladly talk to you about the features and benefits of a fixture. Bringing in an interior designer can also help you choose new lighting that’s going to look great in your house and say amazing things about your tastes.

If you’re ready to get started, then visit one of our lighting showrooms today. We have locations in both Midtown and Roswell, and the staff at each store is always ready to help you find the perfect fixtures.

We look forward to seeing you soon!