Even though people may not look at the ceilings in your home too often, they’re still aware of the light coming from them. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the light can provide a soft glow, or it may provide bright, functional light for a certain purpose.

The ceiling fixtures in your home are intended to provide general or ambient light and their design can go a long way in establishing the look and feel of the rooms in which they’re found. They may provide the focal point for the room, and can be used as inspiration for the rest of the design and decor found in the space. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, we can help you decide on the best ceiling lights based on their size, shape, and decoration.

What Is the Room’s Purpose?

The first question you should always ask before choosing new ceiling fixtures for a certain space is, “What is the room’s purpose?” Will you be entertaining guests there, or will it be a room where you can sit and relax with a good book? Are you updating the kid’s playroom and therefore need bright, fun lights that you can add? Knowing what the space will be used for can inform you on what type of light design and layout you’ll need. If the space is meant to be intimate, you won’t want a ceiling light that makes the room too bright.

What Are the Room’s Dimensions?

After you know the room’s purpose, you’ll want to measure it’s length, width, and height. If the room is 20 feet long, you may need more than one ceiling light. You may need two or three fixtures to adequately illuminate the space, and this also gives you a chance to reinforce the aesthetic of your lighting design. Multiple fixtures can provide symmetry as well, along with the pops of color the room needs.

Choosing a Style

Choosing your fixture style doesn’t have to be the last step in the process, but once you know the room’s purpose and its dimensions, it can be easier to decide on what colors and ornamentation you want your lights to have. An ornate chandelier can be perfect for a grand dining room, but may not be as good of a choice for a living room with a low ceiling. You can pick a light that is wider than it is tall, and has multiple bulbs, so it extends across the ceiling without taking up too much vertical space.

When it comes to ceiling lights, the design choices are seemingly endless, and the experts at Masterpiece will gladly help you choose your new fixtures. You might be building a new home or renovating the house you live in, but no matter the reason, it’s important to find lights that you will enjoy looking at and using for years to come. Whether you want something classic and sophisticated, or modern and fun, we have the ideal options.

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