If you love viewing and collecting artwork, or you find yourself at the High on a regular basis, then you know how important proper lighting is for paintings, photographs, and sculpture. The piece may stand out on its own, but when placed in the proper light, it can truly shine. If you want the artwork in your home to be lit like the pieces in a gallery, Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell can help. There are certain fixtures and designs that are ideal for art lighting, and our experts can help you choose the best options.

Your Home Gallery

dreamstime_xxl_52440480The majority of your art collection is likely hanging in your living room or family room, or you may have a dedicated gallery where your most valuable pieces are kept. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces each require specific lighting, and this begins with the placement of the fixtures on the ceiling. Track lighting is a great option for many home galleries, and the versatility and adaptability of rail and track fixtures make it easy to adjust the lights as needed. You want to be sure the lights are at the proper angle so as to illuminate the piece but not create glare or shine off an oil painting or photograph behind glass.

For three-dimensional pieces, such as sculptures on pedestals or artwork that rests on the floor, it’s important to keep in mind that the piece might need more than light from above. Accent lighting that comes from behind or below can add the dramatic effect that you experienced when you saw the piece for the first time. If you purchased the sculpture or installation piece from a commercial gallery, take a few moments to speak to the owner or curator to understand how they lit the piece, and then our lighting experts can help you find suitable fixture options. The depth and style of a three-dimensional piece can truly be brought out with the proper lighting.

Single Picture Lights

You may have a two-dimensional piece in your bedroom or dining room, and a single piece such as a painting or photograph that doesn’t always require multiple track lights. When you need to illuminate a single piece, a picture light can suffice, and depending on the style of the piece, you can find either a traditional or modern fixture. Picture lights are relatively easy to install, and when you don’t want it on, they’re easy to switch off!

Your artwork collection is a serious investment, and you’ve put time and thought into choosing each piece. If you’re setting up a home gallery or you would like to update your ceiling and accent fixtures, come to Masterpiece today. We can show you countless options and help you narrow down your choices, ultimately ending up with the best fixtures for your home. You can design the perfect lighting for your collection, and have it ready to show before your next family gathering or holiday celebration!

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