As a homeowner, you’ve put countless hours into designing and installing your interior lighting, and every room now has the perfect fixtures and bulbs. Your bathroom is bright and functional, your living room is warm and inviting, and your kitchen has enough light for every task, but what about your exterior lighting? At Masterpiece in Atlanta, we believe that your outdoor lights are just as important as your indoor fixtures, and we can help you find the ideal deck lights, landscape lighting, and other exterior options.

Exterior lights have two purposes: to provide adequate light at night for safety and security reasons and to accentuate the design and architecture of your home. If there are are several dark areas around your house, especially near windows and doors, your property might not feel as safe when family members or visitors arrive after sunset. By adding or updating your lights, you can make those areas more secure and trespassers less likely to approach your house. In terms of aesthetics, your exterior fixtures should match your outdoor decor, and highlight your landscaping, entryway, and other prominent architectural features.

We have several exterior lighting options, and you will find a great variety of choices in our online catalog. If you’d like to see certain fixtures in person, you can visit our showroom at 558 14th Street in Midtown, or stop by our Roswell location at 580 E Crossville Road. Each location is open Monday through Saturday, and our lighting experts are always ready to help you however they can!