dreamstime_12662925If you love watching movies or sports at home, you’ve done everything you can to make your entertainment space as comfortable as possible. You have your favorite chair or spot on the couch, and you’ve positioned the screen or TV exactly where it needs to be for optimal viewing, but what about the lighting? Without the proper lighting and controls in your entertainment area, your viewing experience could be negatively affected. At Masterpiece in Atlanta and Roswell, we can help you pick the ideal fixtures and controls for your home.

Layering and Control

If you’re attempting to recreate the movie theater experience in your home, two aspects you must consider are light layering and control. Layering involves adding a number of fixtures, including recessed lights, wall sconces, and more. A general overhead light might be necessary, but we’ll work with you on the ideal design for your layering. Once you’ve chosen your fixtures, the next step is control. Being able to dim or focus your light can greatly improve your viewing experience, whether you’re watching the newest episode of your favorite show or Game 7 of the playoffs. With the right layering and control, you can set the appropriate mood for the room, and make sure no one is straining their eyes while watching the screen.

If you’re adding an entertainment space to your home, or you want to update the lighting in your current home theater area, come to Masterpiece today. We have an outstanding selection of light fixtures to choose from, and our staff members can help you narrow down your choices and create the ideal lighting design. We look forward to seeing you soon!