It might be hard to believe, but there is only a little over two months left in the year! At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we’re always excited for the New Year and to see what new trends emerge. As your local lighting stores, we’re always adding new options to our showrooms, and as the year begins, we keep our eye on what each lighting brand is making and how it can change our customers’ homes. If you’re thinking about adding new fixtures to your home, then visit one of our locations today!

Ceiling Lights

There are so many different ceiling light styles out there, that it can be hard to choose the right options for your home. Start by focusing on the main rooms in your home — namely, the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen. Look at the ceiling fixtures in those rooms and think about whether or not you want to upgrade them in the New Year. If you still have those old flush-mount fixtures from the late 80s or early 90s, then it’s probably time for some new fixtures!

Entryway Lighting

You want your home to be welcoming and inviting, and with so many people coming over for the holidays at the end of the year, you may have noticed that your entryway lighting wasn’t living up to its potential. Perhaps you have a front entry light that simply isn’t bright enough, or that doesn’t match your new preferences. Our staff can help you find an appropriate replacement, and your home will welcome people with that warm, comforting glow that you want.

Exterior Lighting

Speaking of warm, comforting lighting, your exterior lighting is what truly greets people as they pull up in front of your house or park in your driveway. If someone has remarked that it was hard to see your sidewalk after dusk, or that they weren’t sure where the steps were leading up to your front door, then you may want to invest in new landscape and pathway lighting. You want the exterior of your home to be safe and appealing, and new exterior fixtures can accomplish both goals.

Find Your New Lights Today

If you’re thinking about adding new lighting in the New Year, then come to Masterpiece in Atlanta or Roswell today. The staff at both of our lighting stores can help you choose new ceiling lights, entryway fixtures, exterior lighting, and more, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you have about design or installation. You can transform a room in your home, making it feel like new, or you can upgrade your entire house, creating a brand new look and feel throughout your property. Whatever your goals are, we can make them happen.

Visit one of our locations today to find your new lighting options. Both stores are open Monday through Saturday, and you can get in touch with our team before you visit by using the form below. We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect fixtures.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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