1. Find Amazing Deals in our Good Buys Selection!

    If you’re someone who’s always looking for the best deals, then you love when you find a clearance sale. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, shoes, or home decor, you can’t pass up an amazing discount on quality products. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we have hundreds of c…Read More

  2. What Does Your New Home Lighting Design Look Like?

    Building a new home is a dream for many people, and when you’re finally able to do so, you want it to be perfect. The layout, the colors, and the finishing touches all play a part in how the home looks and feels, and the one thing that brings everything together is the lighting design. New home li…Read More

  3. New Lighting for Your Child’s Bedroom

    When your little one is finally old enough to have his or her own room, you want everything to be just right. You might be renovating an empty room in your house, or updating the nursery with a twin bed, dresser, and more, but whatever the case may be, you take the time to decide on every piece bef…Read More

  4. Pendant Lighting for Your New Kitchen Island

    Updating your kitchen is a major project, and as with any remodel, the lighting is an integral part. At Masterpiece in Atlanta, we've helped many homeowners and contractors find the perfect recessed lights for their kitchen ceilings, undercabinet lights for their countertops, and pendant lighting fo…Read More

  5. Design The Ideal Foyer Lighting

    It doesn't matter if it's in a house or a business, the foyer or entryway is an extremely important space. This area is the first that guests and visitors will see, and it's essential that the space is adequately lit and provides a glimpse into the aesthetic and theme of the rest of the home or buil…Read More

  6. Improve Your Exterior Lighting

    As a homeowner, you've put countless hours into designing and installing your interior lighting, and every room now has the perfect fixtures and bulbs. Your bathroom is bright and functional, your living room is warm and inviting, and your kitchen has enough light for every task, but what about your…Read More

  7. Let Us Help with Your New Home Lighting!

    A home remodel is a serious undertaking, and one of the most important aspects of any room is the lighting. If you're updating your kitchen countertops and appliances, it's essential that you choose the proper lighting to go with them. At Masterpiece in Atlanta, we specialize in lighting design and …Read More