1. Redecorating Your Living Room

    Besides perhaps the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the house. It’s where you gather as a family to watch movies, play games, and catch up on what’s going on in everyone’s lives. The comfort and functionality of the space is paramount to how much you enjoy being in there, and having the proper decor can make the room more appealing and inviting. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta, w…Read More

  2. Your New Ceiling Lighting

    Even though people may not look at the ceilings in your home too often, they’re still aware of the light coming from them. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the light can provide a soft glow, or it may provide bright, functional light for a certain purpose. The ceiling fixtures in your home are intended to provide general or ambient light and their design can go a long way in establishing …Read More

  3. Lighting Your Apartment Complex

    If you own an apartment complex in Atlanta, or you’re the property manager who is in charge of maintaining the premises, then you want to be sure that the lighting is perfect. Proper lighting is important for safety and ambiance, and if you’re updating both the interior and exterior of the complex, Masterpiece Lighting is here to help. As your local showroom, we can provide you with hallway li…Read More

  4. Find Amazing Deals in our Good Buys Selection!

    If you’re someone who’s always looking for the best deals, then you love when you find a clearance sale. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, shoes, or home decor, you can’t pass up an amazing discount on quality products. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we have hundreds of clearance items that are perfectly priced for your home, and you can find fixtures for virtually ever…Read More

  5. What Does Your New Home Lighting Design Look Like?

    Building a new home is a dream for many people, and when you’re finally able to do so, you want it to be perfect. The layout, the colors, and the finishing touches all play a part in how the home looks and feels, and the one thing that brings everything together is the lighting design. New home lighting provides you with seemingly endless possibilities, and at Masterpiece in Atlanta, we can show…Read More

  6. Using Mirrors for Design and Lighting

    People have mirrors throughout their homes, from the front hallway to the bathroom to the vanity in their bedroom. Mirrors are often only thought of as functional items that help a person shave or put on makeup in the morning, but they can be so much more than that. As a decorative item, a mirror can bring artistic flair to a room and help with the ambiance by reflecting and bouncing light. At Mas…Read More

  7. The Right Height For All of Your Light Fixtures

    One question that we often hear in our showrooms is, “How high should I hang this light?” Having your light fixtures at the right height can make a vast difference in the design and ambiance of a certain room or space. If the light is too low, it can create glare when someone looks at it, and too high can mean the lower half of the room doesn’t receive enough light. You’ll also want to con…Read More

  8. Are You an Art Enthusiast?

    If you love viewing and collecting artwork, or you find yourself at the High on a regular basis, then you know how important proper lighting is for paintings, photographs, and sculpture. The piece may stand out on its own, but when placed in the proper light, it can truly shine. If you want the artwork in your home to be lit like the pieces in a gallery, Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell…Read More

  9. Lighting Your New Master Bedroom

    If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re planning to remodel your master bedroom, it’s important to consider the lighting choices for the space. Perhaps the previous owners only had a few lamps and one overhead light to illuminate the entire room, and you have plans to use the space more than they did. You may want to create a reading nook, a space where you can get ready in the m…Read More

  10. Do You Have a Long Hallway to Light?

    If your home or office has a particularly long hallway, finding the right light fixtures can seem like a challenge. It’s important to have enough light throughout the space so that people can navigate it successfully, but it’s also good not too have too much light so the space is too bright. Both scenarios can lead to people hurrying through the space, which means they miss the hallway’s des…Read More