If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re planning to remodel your master bedroom, it’s important to consider the lighting choices for the space. Perhaps the previous owners only had a few lamps and one overhead light to illuminate the entire room, and you have plans to use the space more than they did. You may want to create a reading nook, a space where you can get ready in the morning, and of course, the perfect sleeping area. At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we can help you find the perfect bedroom lighting for your home.

Defining Each Area

Your bedroom can be more than just a place where you go to sleep. It can also be where you sit down to read a favorite book before bed, or put on makeup at a vanity table before going out for the evening. It’s important to define each area in your bedroom with the appropriate lighting, and our experts can help you make the best choices.

masterbedroom_lighting_blog_innerimageThe Reading Nook

If you have a comfortable chair tucked into the corner of your master bedroom, a well-placed floor lamp can provide adequate light for reading before bed. You’ll want the light to come over your shoulder instead of directly above your head.

The Vanity Table

Not every master bedroom has space for a vanity or dressing table, but if it’s a piece of furniture design you want to include, adding the appropriate lights can make the space both functional and comfortable. Multiple vanity lights can provide the illumination you need while putting on makeup and jewelry, and we can help you choose the best bulbs for those fixtures.

The Entertainment Area

As a modern homeowner, you most likely have a TV and/or a video game console in your bedroom. If you use the space as an entertainment area, or you like watching TV before going to bed, it’s important to have the proper lighting around your flat screen. It’s not always the best idea to watch TV in the dark, and you don’t want screen glare when the lights are on, so we can help you find the best bias lighting for your television.


The Sleeping Area

Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, and sleeping is the main function of the master suite. If you like to read in bed, table lamps are a great choice, or you can opt for adjustable wall lamps. Above all, you want the lights around your sleeping area to provide enough illumination when the ceiling fixture and the other lights are turned off. You also want to be able to easily turn them off when you’re ready to go to sleep.

At Masterpiece Lighting, we have a fantastic assortment of bedroom lighting, including everything from the overhead fixture to the accent lighting for your decor and artwork. If you’re planning to redecorate or remodel your master bedroom, visit one of our showrooms in Atlanta or Roswell today. Before you come, be sure to check out our New Arrivals for great lighting design ideas!