When your little one is finally old enough to have his or her own room, you want everything to be just right. You might be renovating an empty room in your house, or updating the nursery with a twin bed, dresser, and more, but whatever the case may be, you take the time to decide on every piece before you place it in the room. The same care that you take with the furnishings should also be applied to the lighting design, since the ceiling fixtures and lamps will help your child with reading, playing, and sleeping for years to come. At Masterpiece in Atlanta, we would love to help you find new lighting for your child’s bedroom.

We carry several kid-friendly designs, and depending on the theme that you’ve mapped out for your child’s room, we’ll recommend fixtures that fit your preferences. It can be fun to include your son or daughter in the decision process, and to think about what will work as a light fixture for several years, not just the next two or three. We have sports-themed ceiling lights, lamps with animals, and night lights that will keep your child from feeling scared during those first few nights in their new room.

If you’re designing your son or daughter’s new room, let Masterpiece assist you with your lighting choices. We know that it can be difficult to find that perfect fixture, but with our variety and selection, the process will become much easier. You can look through our online catalog, or visit our showrooms in Atlanta and Roswell!