When you walk through your house, do you notice the ceiling lights above your head, other than when you turn them on so that you can see? While you may be used to your light fixtures, you can be assured that guests will notice your ceiling lights the first time they enter your house. They want to get a feel for your decor and taste, and your overhead lighting can say a lot about you.

At Masterpiece Lighting in Atlanta and Roswell, we’re here to make sure that your ceiling fixtures say what you want them to say. If your current lights are looking a bit outdated, or they’re not providing the amount of illumination that you need, then visit one of our showrooms today!

First Impressions Are Key

When a person visits your house for the first time, they begin forming their first impression of the property (and perhaps even you). The first area they see is obviously the entryway, and it’s important to have a fixture that impresses. If you have a tall ceiling, then a chandelier or pendant light can be a great option. If the ceiling is a standard height, then a flush or semi-flush light can suffice. What you don’t want is for there to be too little light in the entryway so that a person’s first impression is that your house is dim and perhaps somewhat uninviting.

Install Statement Pieces

While your entryway’s ceiling light can help make a good first impression, the rest of the rooms, especially the living room and dining room, should also have statement pieces. A grand chandelier in the dining room can be a great choice, but maybe it doesn’t reflect your personality. A fixture can make a statement without being ornate, and we can help you find a modern lighting solution that fits the space and meshes with your personal taste.

For the living room, you may want a conversation starter, such as an Art Deco pendant light or a large ceiling fan with a light. If you have a vaulted ceiling, then a person’s eye will be drawn to the top of the room, and you don’t want the light fixture to disappoint. Our staff is quite adept at helping homeowners find the right lighting choices, and we can help you choose the appropriate statement pieces for your home.

If you’re looking to remodel your home, and one of your focuses is removing the old ceiling lights and replacing them with modern fixtures, then come to Masterpiece today. The selection in both of our showrooms will provide you with everything you need to revamp your lighting and make your home feel like new. People will have a great first impression of your house, and their positivity will carry through the rest of the property. As the homeowner, you’ll enjoy using and looking at your new lights, and there will be plenty of illumination for family gatherings, neighborhood parties, and much more.

Visit us today to learn more!